Well Mannored

On June 6, 2013, something strange happened here at Salsapedia. The main page's information was edited, removing much of the informative text summarizing Salsa. On June 26, one name was removed from the list. This is unacceptable at Salsapedia, where every piece of information is backed up with eyewitness testimony and sent here to be archived in the annals of internet history. If we were to manipulate history wantonly like this, the world would soon fall into the state of George Orwell's 1984. I have housed the evidence within screenshots, links to the wiki's archives, and IP information.


Evidence of tomfoolery

This is the state our great and valiant wiki was in before we discovered this travesty.

The IP responsible for the name removal is housed in Sweden, which was already suspected to be the location of Salsa's bodily form. It is reasonable to theorize that this edit was done by Salsa itself. The Perth, Australia location is quite odd, though. Perhaps they are an accomplice, whether they live in Australia or have the knowledge required to leave a misleading digital footprint. This is a troubling concept, as a technologically savvy accomplice to Salsa could actually be taken seriously.

  • The location of the first perpetrator
  • Location of the second perpetrator