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Sha'lira Fay is centuries old, a Falleen Jedi Master who is known to have an intensely strong connection with the force which allows her to retain a youthful appearance. She is one of many legendary wandering Jedi Masters whose exploits were known throughout the Jedi Order Not believing that she was destined to teach, she left the Coruscant Temple and began roaming the Outer Rim Territory. For many centuries Fay allowed the force to guide her to where she was needed, and as a result, was known to have resolved many conflicts, and even ended entire wars. As force sensitive she passed the Jedi Trials and became a Jedi Knight. She attained the rank Jedi Master and refused to take a padawan. Throughout the centuries she felt she had little reason to return to the galactic capital,letting the force lead her senses. As time passed, and Fay was seen less and less on Coruscant, her exploits from afar reached the ears of the Jedi Students, soon becoming a legend among the young padawan learners and apprentices. The older Masters began paying close attention to the whispers of deeds done all over the outer rim in far flung places, a Jedi matching Fay's description. Her time on the field, whether it was on the most remote, rural planets or those closer to Couruscant, helped save thousands of lives. She was known to have flooded peace and love in the hearts of those gripped by their own hatred. For hundreds of years Fay has not used a lightsaber or any physical contact to defuse conflict throughout the galaxy, wherever her she went. Some believed she never carried one, others argued the lightsaber was the mark of a true jedi, thus she must. It was on Felucia where Fay followed the Force and with the help of Master Kalahan and Master Iren, descovered an ancient Jedi Temple built in the early days of the Jedi Order. The temple was hidden underground, a hanger lead up into the water. It was a Jedi enclave. It was not too long before Dark Jedi invaded the planet Felucia that the Jedi of the enclave were forced to hide more and more until all outside activity was prohibited by the Masters in order to protect their students from harm. Durring this time Master Fay and Master Kalahan were sent away on Jedi business. Fay was sent to Zeltros where she meditated with Senator Eloria, feeling a peice her heart was lost. Upon returning to the Felucia Jedi Enclave she found the temple gates destroyed,