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Salsa (Also known as Syrena Exali, Kieran Orion, Crystala Inek, Fynn Sato, Salene Cortes, Salene Faynan, Fleur, Aayla [?], Aayla S

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apan, Cael Dan'kor
, Aubrie [?] , Shusumi, Curtis, Moza Windu, Jaleer Nafeah, Sierra, Cornelia Liljekvist Bergh, Kybele, Sha'lira Fay, and many more...) is a notorious member of the JKA RP community, and possibly others, though it must go by different, unknown names in those circles. Its offline gender has been confirmed as male, though in terms of the Internet, its gender will always remain in flux, and so it is encouraged to speak of it using a lack of gender-specific pronouns. It is believed to have been born, or at least hatched, in 1996, the year of the rat.

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