[17:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Ok Salsa-Page isnt a hate page
[17:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: even tho i asked about 20 ppl and they all said the same
[17:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: one even told me to go to the FBI
[17:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: and so i did
[17:02] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: They never got back to you, did they.
[17:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Actually i would ask Naythan first
[17:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: and then
[17:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I never posted
[17:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: but usually they do in such cases
[17:03] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Uh-huh.
[17:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: But it said to write my phone number and stuff
[17:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: i can imagine me going into school when suddenly some FBI director calls me
[17:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Teacher...! May i go outside, the FBI are calling me
[17:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: We a
[17:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum:
We all know how that story would go
[17:04] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: As a Political Science major and having knowledge of international law...I can safely say....that I don't think they would take your claim seriously.

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