You open the archives file called Salene Faynan....You log into it....You got access.

Main Info

Name: Salene Faynan

Species: Falleen

Gender: Female

Homeworld: Falleen

Age: 36

Affiliation: The Jedi Order.

Rank(s): Jedi Knight of Ossus | Libirian

Status: Alive.

Height: 6' 1

Nickname: N/A

Midichlorian Count: 109/100

Known Languages: Basic,Twi Leki, Rodinesse,Falleen Laungage.

Weapons: Single Cyan lightsaber and the force.

Personality: Peacefull,happy,friendly.
Abillities:Malacia, burgeoning Flow walking ability, strong Force sense, Photo-kinetic cloaking, immune to Mind tricks (Falleen physiology).


Core Powers

Jump: 3
Push: 3
Pull: 3
Sense: 5
Speed: 0

Heal: 2
Protect: 2
Mind Trick:3
Absorb: 0

Saber Skills

Defense 3
Offense 3
Throw 0



Some of the history have been burned alongside the mandalorian and the attack on Ossus.Yet some information have saved.

Salene was one of the falleens on the planet of Falleen. Her family played a major role in the war to defeat Militus. Shortly after the fall of the great sith the whole planet celebrated as meny others did. They thought they were free and their finally had becomen peace. The Jedi had did their job as meny other orders did. After that Salene was in the her ship before she flied home. Before she left she got stopped by Master Khaar's ship flying right infront of her. She quickly pulled out the landing gear as she landed again. While seeing her master. The two walked into her room as they started to talk.
Drasli:It's been some time now Salene.
Drasli:It's a nice room here...
Salene:Yes...But why have you comen here?
Drasli: Oh sorry..I fell in love with you for a must be your pheromones.
Salene laughed
Drasli: Whats so funny?
Salene:Ah its just...You comeing here...just to smell my pheromones..
Drasli:It's not that..
Salene:What is it then?
Drasli: I've exiled myself and i came here to say goodbye to you finally.
Salene:Master...You can't do that...You saved the entire galaxy along with your Jedi Order.
Drasli:Salene i must find answers in the force...The force is slowly leaving me.
The two didnt say anything for some time.
Salene: Do you want some Naboo fruite tea?
Drasli:Yes...that could be good
Salene started to cook some tea and cut some fruits in her room. Later on she gave a cup to Drasli. The two drank their teas when Drasli finished he thanked and left for Cato Neimodia. He transferd Salene to the Emerald Blossom of Corellias jedi temple.