[16:54] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Kidd said if i improved really really good
[16:54] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: i might be a neti
[16:54] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: when i reach master
[16:54] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: and my char dies or something
[16:54] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: if i rp really pro and stuff :S
[16:54] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Oh and my friend signed up
[16:55] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: mhm
[16:55] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: So how are you?
[17:41] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Talked to Kidd, he said he never responded. You took that a yes.

You did a similar thing to me when talking about if I was mad and the like
[17:41] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Silence is NOT a yes.

And I still uphold my decision on No Neti.
[17:41] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: i got chatlogs if you want to se
[17:41] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Shoot.
[17:42] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: FUCK! Its not enabled -.-
[17:42] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: But he di
[17:42] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: But he did say
[17:42] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: maybe
[17:42] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Chatlogs.
[17:42] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: And I sitll say no.
[17:42] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Please read what i do write
[17:43] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Chatlogs aint enabled
[17:43] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: And thats what you say
[17:43] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: but NARP is a democracy.
[17:43] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Not a diktation.
[17:43] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Fighter, Buz, Slade and Kidd also decides
[17:43] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I think kidd..
[17:44] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Concerning biographies, I have FULL authority. Kidd and Buz just weigh in on their says.
[17:44] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: So
[17:44] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: My word is final.
[17:44] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: And I say.
[17:44] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: No Neti.

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