[19:01] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum:
[19:01] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I also found this
[19:01] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Naythan was so nice deleteing the page...
[19:01] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: then he made this...
[19:01] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Which has far more...updates
[19:02] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Well, what can I say? He's a creative fellow who likes to write. Not much I can do.
[19:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Creative?
[19:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: His home schooled
[19:02] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: The day he isnt that anymore
[19:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Poor kid is going to end up in the mourge
[19:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: or however its spelled lol
[19:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I hope he gets beaten up..No offense
[19:03] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: And my Naboo Fruit tea was best
[19:03] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: WIshing violence upon another is a terrible, terrible thing to do. And to mock someone for their education...two wrongs do not make a right.
[19:04] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Mmmmh...However he could be taught a lesson or two
[19:04] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: about being nice
[19:04] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I wish he was a british gentleman D:
[19:04] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Maybe his from New Jersey..All the mean ppl come from there
[19:04] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: UHH! No offense
[19:05] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: sorry i didnt mean it like that i forgot you were from there
[19:05] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: I am from New Jersey.
[19:05] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Yeah
[19:05] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: What are you trying to say.
[19:06] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Well.
[19:07] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: im sorry
[19:07] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: All mean people are from New Jersey, hm.
[19:08] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I didnt mean it like that
[19:08] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: its just
[19:08] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: My friend was from new jersey
[19:08] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: who insulted me very much and so on
[19:08] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: and made another hatepage
[19:08] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: and then i had another friend
[19:08] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: and well...I forgot you lol
[19:09] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: So if one person is a bad person from a set place, all of those people must be.

Oh stereotypes and idiotic people. How I love you

[19:09] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Uhh...
[19:09] * Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum facedesks
[19:09] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I just didnt say it right...
[19:10] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: You have the nerve to insult others....then try and play off your ignorance. How amusing.

Just go and do your homework.
[19:10] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Like a good student.
[19:10] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Im trying but i keep getting interupted...
[19:10] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Uh-huh.
[19:11] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: That's when you exit all distracting programs...and do homework. Or turn off the computer.

It's a lesson I learned as a child. A very good one.
[19:12] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Well
[19:12] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: the thing about that
[19:12] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: is my homework
[19:12] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: is on my computer
[19:12] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: im doing it on the computer
[19:12] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: designing apartment, having to buy things from an internet store
[19:12] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum:
[19:13] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: How interesting. Instead of bashing a state of a country, go do that.
[19:13] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Still didnt mean it like that >.<
[19:13] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I said im sorry
[19:13] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: You've done goofed for the last time.

Thin ice. Remember that.
[19:14] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Its funny, once you called me a 'bitch' and i forgave you
[19:14] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: even tho you dindt say sorry
[19:14] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: I actually called you a cunt. The way the word rolls off the tongue is much more satisfying, as are people's reactions.
[19:15] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]: Hmph.
[19:15] Zaxara' [BiohazeGaming]:We'll just drop this.

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